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We are so pleased to welcome 

The Reverend Douglas Scharf

as the fifth Rector of Good Shepherd!

"We Have A Place For You."


February 2017  

Fr. Doug has been with us for a month and a half now.  As we enter into this next phase of our life together, the Transition Committee is arranging a series of Cottage Meetings, which will be informal gatherings focused on building relationships and Christian community. The Cottage Meetings will be an important opportunity for Fr. Doug to meet many of you in a more informal setting, so he can get to know you better and hear about your life and ministry at Good Shepherd. To RSVP to one of these meetings, please click the Cottage Meetings link above or call the office at 561-746-4674.  

January 2017

After a successful transition, Church of the Good Shepherd welcomes it's fifth Rector, The Rev. Doug Scharf and his delightful family!  We are especially grateful for the leadership of our Search Committee for their careful and serious approach to this important decision.  In the coming months we will enjoy getting to know Fr. Doug, Shannon, Clayton, Parker and Grady.  Thanks also to all the friends, parishioners and clergy, including Bishop Eaton, for making the Service of Institution on January 12 such a memorable and meaningful event. 

November 2016

The search is over!  The Vestry of Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd is thrilled to call The Reverend Douglas Scharf as its fifth rector.  Father Scharf will be instituted in a service at Good Shepherd on Thursday, January 12, 2017 and he will preach and celebrate on Sundays, beginning January 15.  Meet the Scharf family! (Link will open in a new window.)


We are very pleased to report that we are at the conclusion of the search for the next rector of Good Shepherd! For the past three weeks the Search Committee has conducted onsite interviews and given area tours to the final three candidates which resulted in a decision.  The Vestry has affirmed the decision and Bishop Eaton has called the fifth Rector of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd.  While we would love to announce the name at this point, we cannot.  The Rector still needs to give notice to his church and we want to respect confidentiality until this transition is public information.  We are so pleased to report this great news at this exciting time in the life of our parish.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Catherine Oenbrink, Search Committee Chairperson. 

​​Late October 2016

The Search Committee has discerned the top 3 candidates for our new Rector!  The first Rector and his wife came for a successful visit to Good Shepherd this past week.  We held several interviews over a period of three days.  The Rector performed a Eucharist for the Search Committee and the Vestry, followed by a reception in the Parish Hall.  On the final day, he met with Bishop Eaton and Archdeacon Bruttell.  Two more Rectors will visit over the next two weeks, following a similar itinerary.  We hope to call our new Rector by the end of October!  Please continue to pray for the Search Committee and our three candidates as we move forward in our discernment.

October 2016

The Search Committee is conducting Skype interviews of the top 6 candidates at the end of September.  We are also contacting all of the references for each rector in order to gather more information for our discernment.  Based on the interviews and references, we will discern the top three candidates for our next Rector.  Each candidate will be invited to visit Good Shepherd with their spouse to meet with the Search Committee and the Vestry in October.  This is an exciting time for us all as we move closer and closer to selecting the next Rector of Good Shepherd!

 ​September 2016

Our Search Committee continues the challenging task of discerning our next Rector of Good Shepherd. We have received 18 applications. The Committee meets weekly to thoroughly evaluate the candidates.  Please keep our Search Committee in your prayers. 

August 2016

Our Search Committee is back from summer vacations and has begun the challenging task of discerning our next Rector of Good Shepherd.  To date, we have received 14 stellar applications.  The Archdeacon of Transition for our diocese performs a background check on each applicant before releasing his or her name to the committee.  We then evaluate the application, listen to online sermons, and discuss each candidate thoroughly in committee.  After we complete the review of all candidates, we will begin the first phase of the interview process.  Please pray for these applicants and for our Search Committee as we spend our time in discernment.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Catherine Oenbrink.

June/July 2016

​​One of the realities of living in South Florida is that time slows down in the summer.  Many of our Parish and Diocese choose to take their vacations during the slow months.  In order to provide more time both to receive and review the applications, we have chosen to extend the application deadline until August 5, 2016.  We have begun our discernment process on several excellent submittals that we have received. Please continue to pray for our church and this discernment process.

May 2016

The Search Committee prepared an executive summary of our Parish Survey results and presented it to the congregation between services on Sunday, April 17th.  Copies of the Executive Summary are available in the Narthex for anyone who was unable to attend the presentation.  We have also prepared a Parish Profile to be used in the advertisement for our new Rector.  After we advertise, the Parish Profile may be viewed on our website at www.goodsheponline.org.  We plan to advertise for our new Rector in May and June 2016.

April 2016

Now that the parish survey is complete it is being analyzed by Holy Cow!, our survey consultant.   A representative from Holy Cow! met with our Vestry and Search Committee on Saturday, March 12, to explain the survey results.  The Search Committee is now preparing a summary of the survey results, and will present them to the congregation in April.  
                 On Saturday, March 19, the Vestry considered and decided upon a compensation package for our advertisement on the national Episcopal clergy job opening page.  Required maintenance and repairs are currently being performed at the rectory to enhance the property for showing to candidates.  Our parish profile is being prepared and we are very much on schedule in this transition process. 

February/March 2016

UPDATE:  The Rector Survey (Church Assessment Tool (CAT)) is now closed as of February 22, 2016. We had a tremendous response with 263 surveys submitted both electronically and on paper.   Thank you for your participation!

The link to the CAT survey may be used by each member of your household age 17 or older, as long as you are an active participant at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd.  We ask that you take the on-line assessment as soon as possible, but no later than February 21, 2016.

The assessment will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Please set aside enough time to complete the survey all at one time.  You cannot complete part of the survey, then return and complete the rest.  It must be completed in one sitting.  Our future together is dependent on your participation and honest answers.

 All answers are strictly anonymous.  We have no way of matching any assessment to a particular person, so please feel free to candidly share your perceptions, opinions and experiences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a password?
No, you do not need a password.
Can both a husband and a wife take the survey if we were only sent one e-mail?
Yes, the link to the survey can be used by both of you.  You may take the survey on the same computer at two different sittings, OR you can take the survey on two separate computers.  The link is the same for everyone.
Do I need to receive communion at Good Shepherd to take the survey?
No.  It is only necessary that you be an active participant in the life of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd parish.  (Regular church attendance, financial support, active in our missions and ministries)
What if I do not have a computer?
You can take the survey by computer at the Church office on Sunday OR you may request a paper copy at the church office.

January 2016

***The Search Committee is actively putting together a survey called the Church Assessment Tool (CAT).   We plan to distribute the survey to the church membership in early February.  You will receive a letter or e-mail notifying you approximately one week before the survey is available.  Please make sure that your current e-mail address is on file at the church office.***

Bishop Peter Eaton and Archdeacon Tom Bruttell met with the Search Committee on Saturday, December 12, and discussed how we are to proceed in our search for our new rector.  The committee’s first step is to create a survey for distribution to all parishioners.  The survey will be your opportunity to tell us what you value about our parish and what you hope for in our next rector.   The results from the survey will be used to create a profile to define who we are and help us to develop a fitting job description.  We will present it to the congregation when it is complete.

On Sunday, December 13, the Search Committee gave a summary of the meeting to the congregation in the Parish Hall, and fielded some great questions from the interested attendees.  We will continue to keep the parish updated in the weekly church bulletin,  in the monthly Tidings and on the church website.

 ​December 2015

Bishop Peter Eaton and Archdeacon Tom Bruttell, our diocesan deployment officer, will meet with our Rector Search Committee and Vestry on Saturday, December 12. They will go over Bishop Eaton's hopes for the rector search process here and Archdecon Bruttell will explain the normal process used in our diocese and recommend policies and plans for our Vestry and Search Committee.

On Sunday, December 13, members of the Rector Search Committee will be in the Parish Hall at 9:00 a.m. to discuss their plans and answer questions which parishioners may have. All interested parishioners are encouraged to join us then.

November 2015

At their October meeting the Good Shepherd Vestry appointed twelve parishioners to serve on the Rector Search Committee, to guide our search for the fifth Rector of Good Shepherd. The members of the committee are listed on the front of our Tidings newsletter. The committee members will be commissioned for their duties during our 10:00 a.m. service on Sunday, November 1. The committee will meet with Bishop Peter Eaton here at Good Shepherd on Saturday, December 12, when he will give them his wisdom and advice about how to proceed. As Good Shepherd is one of the distinguished parishes of the Diocese of Southeast Florida, Bishop Eaton will have a big stake in who the new rector is and he will want to encourage the search committee as they begin their process. 

    Typically a search committee will start by organizing a survey to discern the thoughts and wishes of parishioners, and you will be hearing a lot about that in the next few weeks. The Venerable Thomas Bruttell, our  diocesan deployment officer, will meet regularly with the committee as they go about their task.  A primary job of the committee will be the communicate regularly and clearly with the congregation so that you can know where they are at each step of the process.

October 2015
              As reported last month, the Good Shepherd Vestry has appointed Catherine Oenbrink to serve as chair of the Rector Search Committee, with Dan Gilbert and Tenli Sarcia to serve as vestry members of the committee. These three are in the process of recruiting nine other appropriate parishioners willing to serve on the committee.  These will be presented to the October Vestry meeting for vestry approval. The names of the committee will be announced in church on Sunday, October 25 and the committee will be commissioned in church on Sunday, November 1.
                Following formation of the committee, the committee and the vestry will together meet with Archdeacon Thomas Bruttell, our diocesan deployment officer, who will go over the recommended process for the committee’s work, which normally begins with the production of “a parish profile” describing the Good Shepherd community.  The “opening” is then advertised throughout the Episcopal Church and the committee begins considering the various applicants for the position. Normally at the end of the process, a few applicants are brought to Tequesta to meet personally with the vestry and committee members, following which one of them will be called by the vestry as the new rector.

September 2015
            Our Vestry has appointed Catherine Oenbrink to serve as Chair of the Search Committee as we begin the search for a new rector for Good Shepherd. She will be joined by Vestry members Dan Gilbert and Tenli Sarcia.  These three will recommend to the Vestry nine other parishioners to be appointed to the committee.  The twelve-person committee and the Vestry will then, together, meet with the diocesan consultant who will assist with the search process.  The committee will organize a data collection process to get the thoughts and ideas of all our parishioners about the health of Good Shepherd, what kind of new priest we want, and gather general information about our parish and community.  This will be organized into a Parish Profile describing our church. The opening will then be included in the “Positions Open” bulletin of the Episcopal Church Deployment Office. Lots of clergy will see it and apply for the opening here. If you know a priest who you think would make a good rector for us, encourage them to apply for the opening.
            If you would like to serve on the Search Committee, please contact Catherine Oenbrink (758-1138) or Senior Warden Paul Kirby (748-4897). The committee will need to include representatives of various groups and ministries in our parish, so it is possible that some who volunteer to serve may not be selected due to the limited number of seats available. 
            One of the chief goals of the Search Committee will be to keep the congregation fully informed about the status of the search at each step. If you have questions about the process, ask Vestry, committee members or the clergy.

August 2015
               Beginning in August, The Rev. Canon G. Kerry Robb will start as Interim Rector at Good Shepherd.  Formerly Assisting Priest , since Rev. Mimi Howard’s retirement at the end of December, Kerry will be more involved in our day-to-day operations as Interim.  The Interim Rector customarily takes on many of the duties of the former Rector and, as our schedule progresses into autumn, you will see more of Kerry at Bible study, meetings with parishioners, attending parish events, worship services and making pastoral calls. 
                Our Deacons, the Rev. Mimi Howard and the Rev. George Kinard, will continue to assist with worship services, pastoral calls, and other varied clerical duties.  Mimi will be leading Education for Ministry, beginning late September. 
                If you wish to contact Kerry after August 1, his office number is 561-746-4674, ext. 103.  He may also be reached by email at krobb@goodsheponline.org.  Emails for Mimi and George are mhoward@goodsheponline.org and gkinard@goodsheponline.org. 
                Toward the end of the year, the Vestry will call a Search Committee Chair, a non-Vestry member, along with two Vestry Liaisons to the Search Committee.  They will then nominate parishioners for the committee to total approximately 12 members. 
                If you have any questions about this process, please contact Merike Seely in the church office or speak with clergy.  We will continue to keep you posted on our progress.

July 2015
               Earlier in June we had the pleasure of announcing that The Rev. Canon G. Kerry Robb has accepted the position of Interim Rector and will begin here at Good Shepherd beginning August 1, 2015.  
                Bob’s last day on the job was June 30, but he is still officially on staff until July 31, 2015. Since July has traditionally been his vacation month, as usual, we have terrific guest clergy to lead our Sunday Services and we have clergy available for Bible Study, emergencies requiring clergy, other services and pastoral care.  Deacon Mimi Howard has returned on a part-time basis to assist with our clergy needs as well.  Deacon George Kinard will lend a hand with pastoral care and the Revs. Jim and Allison Spencer continue to serve as needed.  Look for them all in our day to day activities.  We are blessed with a great and very dedicated team here at Good Shepherd                        Once Kerry Robb begins as Interim Rector , we will have a period of “business as usual” while we support the Interim process.  As it planned, in late fall, the Vestry will call a Search Committee Chair, a non–Vestry member, along with two Vestry Liaisons to the Search Committee who nominate parishioners for the committee to total approximately 12 members.  
                If you have any questions about this process, please contact Merike Seely in the church office or speak with clergy.  We will continue to keep you posted on our progress. 

the search is over!

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Welcome Fr. Doug and the Scharf family!  

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