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You will be directed to a secure giving page to make your donation toward Hurricane Relief for the Bahamas. 

Hurricane Dorian

9/20/2019  To date we have collected $29,595 toward the Bishop's Appeal for aid to the Bahamas.  Our first check went to the Bishop last week and we will send another one soon.  Thank you so much for keeping our neighbors in your thoughts and prayers in the aftermath of a terrible storm. 

9/13/2019     We are pleased to announce that we sent our first check to the Bishop's Appeal for aid to the Bahamas.  The total collected in the week following Hurricane Dorian, including the $5,000 from the church outreach and assistance funds, was $27,155.  The initial $5.000 from Good Shepherd was matched in only 4 hours and 22 minutes. Thank you so much for this example of generosity for an island community with which we are so closely connected--personally, geographically, and spiritually.  

The Bishop's Appeal will provide assistance through an established infrastructure to bring aid and assistance to our brothers and sisters in the most expeditious way possible. Our contribution is part of a state-wide effort to relieve the immediate burden. We understand that this is just the beginning of a long road to recovery for the Bahamas and we will be posting other ways local residents and parishioners are helping. We hope you will check back regularly.  

9/6/2019     Thank you for your continued financial support for hurricane relief in the Bahamas. 

If you did not make an online donation, but pledged an amount, please make your check payable to Church of the Good Shepherd and indicate "Hurricane Relief" on the memo line.  We are hoping to be able to present the Bishop with the initial relief funds early this week and will forward your gifts as they come in. Thank you!

9/3/2019   Fr. Doug's Message regarding the devastation in the Bahamas

​September 3, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Many of us here in southeast Florida are breathing a collective sigh of relief that we have been spared the worst effects of Hurricane Dorian. Sadly, our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas have not been as fortunate. Although it will likely take days and weeks to assess the full extent of the damage, early reports and images indicate widespread devastation. Our diocese has a long-standing companion relationship with the Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The purpose of this companion relationship is to foster “mutual encouragement and prayer, deeper understanding and concern, and the exchange of both spiritual and material resources.” 

Bishop Eaton has contacted me regarding the coordination of an initial response to the emergency situation in the Bahamas. In the early stages of recovery, the most immediate need is for cash in order to respond quickly to the most urgent needs. Bishop Eaton is hoping to collect a minimum of $50,000 in the next few days, which will be sent directly to the Bishop of the Bahamas to be used for relief and recovery. Longer term fundraising efforts will be needed to provide ongoing support, but this initial gift will allow for diocesan leaders to respond quickly to the urgent needs of their people. 

The Vestry of Good Shepherd has approved the allocation of $5,000 from funds designated for outreach and other discretionary purposes. I am asking that the members of our congregation consider offering matching gifts totaling an additional $5,000. Just click on the link below to “Give Now.” 

It is my hope that our congregation will be able to contribute a minimum of $10,000 to this initial response to the hurricane relief and recovery efforts. We pray for the Bahamas as a companion diocese almost every Sunday. Now is the time to put those prayers into action as walk with our brothers and sisters through the daunting challenges of the coming days. Thank you for your generosity. May God bless you always. 

In Christ,
The Rev. Dr. Douglas F. Scharf

Hurricane Information

​​8/30/2019  11:45 a.m.  Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The forward movement of Hurricane Dorian has slowed considerably, and the storm is not expected to reach our coast until early Tuesday morning. At this point, we will be holding both of our regularly scheduled Sunday services at 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. Our Pennies for Heaven Thrift Store will be closed starting tomorrow and all other weekend activities and events on campus have been cancelled. We will be closely monitoring the progress of the storm and will provide updates regarding any changes to our Sunday schedule.

Please make your own safety the top priority. Many have already chosen to evacuate, and others are continuing to make final preparations for the storm. If you are scheduled to serve on Sunday, please do not feel compelled to attend. We will be able to adapt and simplify the liturgy accordingly. Above all, if you are planning to stay in the area, please ensure that you have the necessary supplies and are able to remain in a safe location for the duration of the storm.

Finally, I have included a prayer for all those impacted by Hurricane Dorian and for all those who are responding to those in need. May God bless you always!
In Christ,

Lord of heaven and earth, of sea and sky, look upon our sisters and brothers in the paths of storms, beset by rising waters and violent winds. In such times, we turn to you. You are our shelter, you are our strength. You are our comfort and protection. Make us these things for our brothers and sisters. Make us shelter, make us strength. Make us comfort and protection. We are your children, your image and likeness. Make us more like you, O God of all goodness. And so, let waters recede, to be replaced by a rising tide of compassion. Let winds dissipate to be replaced by the roar of justice, that all might know your mercy and find safety and hope in the midst of storms. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Our protocol is to follow emergency management guidelines for Sunday services. If there are tropical storm force winds or greater on Sunday, we will not have services.

As of Friday, August 30, at 11:45 a.m., the following updates are in effect:

  • Youth Group day trip to Universal, scheduled for Saturday, August 31, is cancelled. A new date will be arranged.
  • Pennies For Heaven will be open today and closed on Saturday.
  • Sunday Services will be held at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.**
  • Sunday School is pending depending on availability of staffing.
  • Office hours next week will obviously depend on the situation


8/29/2019  3:30pm    Updates

Friday, Good Guys will meet in the Parish Hall at 8:00 a.m.

Friday, Harmony will meet in the Parish Hall at 10:30 a.m.

Friday, Pennies For Heaven will be open.

Friday, Good Shepherd School will be open. 

Saturday, Youth trip to Universal is cancelled.  Watch for reschedule date. 

Saturday, Pennies For Heaven Schedule TBD.

Sunday, In the presence of tropical storm force winds or greater, services will be cancelled. 

Our protocol is to follow emergency management guidelines for Sunday services. If there are tropical storm force winds or greater on Sunday, we will not have services.